How Can Restaurants Survive During The Pandemic?

The good news is that this will eventually end, the bad news is that before it ends it is going to hurt restaurants a lot. If a restaurant wishes to survive and possibly even prosper there is one choice – refocus entire business on food delivery service.
From an organisational standpoint that means:

  • simplifying your menu
  • introducing lower-cost dining options
  • making sure that your kitchen’s sanitary standards are equal or better than a science laboratory working on on vaccine for Covid-19.

In order to promote your delivery or takeout service here are key marketing steps:

  • reconfigure your Google Maps profile for deliveries
  • optimize your Google Maps profile so that more customers find you more easily
  • set up a website whose main focus is is selling delivery service with online payment
  • promote your delivery service on social media and paid advertising on Facebook and Google

Depending how quickly and how well  a restaurant implements these steps,  will make a difference between its survival or a complete shutdown.

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