How Did Restaurant Marketing Result In 486% Increase?

This is an overview of a restaurant marketing campaign which has resulted significant increase in revenue.  Here is how it was done.
Restaurant Šug (Croatian word  for sauce) is located in the city of Split. It is close to the Diocletian’s Palace, the city’s main attraction. It is also very much off the beaten path, not near the main pedestrian streets and therefore has very limited foot traffic and street visibility. The restaurant has two award-winning young chefs, who’ve put together a great menu. The key problem they had was in marketing and promotion.
How can this restaurant let its potential guests know that is exists and that it offers great food?
To solve this problem our agency focused on two marketing platforms Google Maps and TripAdvisor.
The first step was a keyword analysis to discover what are potential customers looking for. Then we optimized the restaurants Google Maps profile, based on those keywords to make sure that its potential customers can find it more easily. We added new content, made sure the profile features all the relevant information. We also optimized the restaurants TripAdvisor profile, and gave the tools to its staff that enabled guests to leave review with just a few clicks.
Over a period of six months after we started the campaign, Google has reported 2.931 websites visits, 5.483 activated map navigation and 1.294 phone calls. All of these were made through restaurant’s Google Maps profile. This represents a total of 486% when compared to the previous six month period, prior to campaign launch.
On TripAdvisor, after one month since the campaign started, the restaurant has reached #3 position out of 434 restaurants in the destination. It also recorded 29.100 visits to its TripAdvisor profile.
Sure, not all of these number represent a paying customer, and feel free to play with the numbers yourself.
If, for example, 20-25% of these actions represent a sale, with, conservatively estimated, 2 persons per action and with an average bill per person of 20€, the resulting revenue is quite interesting.
Naturally, the fundamental basis for these results was the high quality of food and the service provided by this restaurant. Without it, any marketing is quite limited in what it can achieve. But with the quality and an effective marketing, results can be … interesting.

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