How To Get More Guests Using TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is by far the strongest marketing tool to attract guests if you are in the travel or hospitality business.

Why exactly is that?

The main reason is because travellers have more confidence in other travellers comments then in advertising.  Especially since the other tourist are describing their own personal experience with a restaurant, hotel or a tour.
That’s why everyone with good TripAdvisor ranking can definitely see it reflected in its revenue.
Being first on TripAdvisor, estimates one restaurant owner in an increasingly popular destination, was responsible for about 20% of his yearly revenue. One small tour agency credits TripAdvisor for over 80% of its bookings.

How to improve TripAdvisor ranking?

Just like with Google, not all ranking criteria are publicly available. Those that are officially acknowledged include: number of reviews, average rating and most importantly the quality and quantity of fresh reviews.
Naturally the key requirement for success is the quality of service, otherwise marketing won’t help you much.

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