How To Get More Guests Using TripAdvisor?

How To Get More Guests Using TripAdvisor?

TripAdvisor is among the strongest strongest marketing tool to attract tourists and travelers.
The reason for that is simple – because travelers have more confidence in other travellers’ reviews than in advertising.

These are the key steps in getting more guests with TripAdvisor.

Step 1.
Take control of your TripAdvisor profile – it only takes a few minutes
Step 2.
Update your TripAdvisor profile information – make sure you update all the required information
Step 3.
Add high quality photos – don’t rely on photos uploaded by guests
Step 4.
Continuously ask for reviews from guests – check these restaurant marketing tools examples
Step 5.

Reply to all reviews – and make sure you personalize every reply
Step 6.
Turn negative reviews in good promotion – by smart replies to unfair reviews or apologizing for mistakes (if any exist)

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