Importance Of Mobile For Ecommerce Sales

If you take a look at Google analytics for your web store you will probably notice that more than 50% of your customers are coming via mobile devices. In some cases that number is over 90%.

What does that fact mean for your online shop?

Simply put, it’s not enough to to technically optimize a mobile version of your website. The important thing is  to optimize it for sales on mobile device. Here is  how to online shop for mobile:

  • Site speed – How quickly does the website load on mobile?
  • Emphasize the reasons why is it a good idea for customer to purchase at your online shop
  • Simply your purchasing process as much as possible – from a visitor to final checkout in as few steps as possible

Most web designers start a project with desktop version of the site for a very simple reason. It is much easier to do because you have a bigger screen to work with. However mobile is far more important although more challenging because you have a lot of information to organize on a smaller screen.

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