Restaurant Marketing Case Study:
From #368 to #3 on TripAdvisor

How It Started 

Restaurant Šug (Croatian word  for sauce) is located in the city of Split in Croatia. Though five minutes away from the city centre, it is very much off the beaten path. It is located in a side street, outside the main pedestrian routes. Due to its location it had extremely low number of walk-in guests. Due to weak digital marketing, it had zero online bookings.
What the restaurant did have is high quality of the food it served and very hospitable staff. Its two award-winning young chefs have put together a great menu. However, due to weak marketing few guests were aware that this culinary gem existed. 


  • In two months this restaurant has jumped from #368 to #3 on TripAdvisor
  • In six months the restaurant had 6,887 walk-in guests
  • In three months the restaurant received 418 online reservations
  • In six months the restaurant received 1,624 phone reservations

These are key metrics, in additions the restaurant had thousands of clicks to restaurant’s TripAdvisor and Google Maps profiles. 

How Did We Achieve This?

We applied the marketing tactics from our Restaurant marketing package.  
  • For a start we fully optimized restaurant’s TripAdvisor profile
  • Then we provided the restaurant staff with  practical tools that greatly simplified the process of leaving a review on TripAdvisor for guests
  • We trained the staff how to get more reviews while interacting with guests
  • For Google Maps the first step was a keyword research to discover what are potential guests looking for
  • The optimization process for restaurant’s Google Maps profile, was based on those keywords allowing the guests to find it more easily 

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