Typical Mistakes That Prevent Your Ecommerce Success

If you’re frustrated with your web store’s results, it might be worth checking what is keeping it down. Here is an overview of the most frequent mistakes when it comes to eCommerce marketing

  • Not measuring

If you don’t measure it’s very difficult to improve. Make sure that your website is integrated to Google Analytics and that you track sales there. That allows to see which marketing efforts are bringing more sales and which ones need to be improved.

  • Website speed

Every second that slows your web store down results in less sales. Look at it from your own standpoint, would you shop on a website which is slow. The faster your website is the more sales you will get, it’s as simple as that.

  • Not featuring reviews

Vast majority of potential customers depend on reviews from your customers to make a decision whether or not to buy from you. If you don’t feature reviews from past customers, your sales will be significantly lower. it is also far more effective to feature reviews from a third party like Trustpilot, because hey are far more credible.

  • Having additional costs

Like shipping, taxes or any kind of extra fees. Simple fact is that online customers desert the the purchasing process in droves, when they see additional costs prior to purchase. Including these costs in the price of a product results in greater sales revenue.

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